They send you a bunch of emails of women who want to talk to you then after you pay the money you get none.There are alot of websites like that so be careful.They don't let you do anything but view emails until you pay the money.Then once you pay they stop coming.I am a good looking guy and have no problems finding women.The only reason I tried this was because I had moved and was trying to meet some people.My suggestion to anyone trying to hook up is don't do it on the net.You don't know what you are getting.

Location: Rochester, New York

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if you are so good looking, why are you using this site?


I had the same problem that's why I used a preloaded card with just enough for the trial this way it cant renew automatically for our convenience lol that's a joke


I noticed all the women in the chats said the same thing. Seems strange that all these women seem to speak in the same amount of time and say the exact same things.


They are 'bots and not real people.


look 4 Duke *** star in city sex idropthatthunthun uses name Mary


citysex.com and freebangbuddies.com is a scam with the same format and many of the same paid women you will never meet. Do not give a credit card # Plus the bank will hit you with a forgine transaction charge. And the time you will waste And ant time you see in "What your looking for" section and you see to the right LS in a little box, this means she is phony, you will never meet


look 4 *** star belle knox uses name Mary idropthatthunthun




Its such a scam lol. Glad there's other people who figured it out, got a ton of dirty picks off the account called "Missy Ivy Woods" after she did her best to get me to sign up for the "CitySex" ***.

Same spiel here, I'm a bikini model yadda yadda. She even seemed legit at first, being a friend with another friend of mine.

Telling me she was getting an undergrade in nursing. Honestly feel like everyone should post the pics they got lol.


Haha I got two of her fake accounts to send me shitloads of dirty pics free hahaha. I didn't even pay *** all. Dirty little internet ***.she even admitted to saying she made different accounts cuz she had "stalkers" what a joke


Its so weird tho because I really think the person ur talking to is a legit woman. and afterwords I told her no and she stopped talking to me, she put some saying on facebook stating that she stopped talking to me cause I didnt care enough about her.

so rediculous. its just sad that they use their time to scam men instead of just being their sexy selves.


What do I do


this is a scam with the citysex.com girl tried to befriend me on facebook told me to vote for her in bikini promo by link and just signing up to 1month gold and theyll cancel my acct after i put in my card info then i can vote .major scam and dont fall for the hot pics they wanna send u.why would i pay to talk to someone,lol im super good lookin always compared to look like taylor lautner lol.GUYS DONT FALL FOR IT i know i didnt


same here I didnt fall for it either but I almost did because her facebook profile seemed so normal with friends, pics with friends, and conversation with other people. plus the way she talked to me seemed so natural not faked or rushed I knew it was a scam as soon as I told her im not gunna do it but if she would like she could keep talking to me. never heard another word


Some chick named Kat Fernandez tried getting me to do it.


I got that on holloween, I was pissed when I realized that I got scammed. :(


freelifetimefuckbook.com is the site I first found, yea a mouthful to say the least however the way the site works for anyone who doesn't pay anything up on their free accounts is you get IM's and profile views and even emails when you are online. When you aren't you have none and they make the mistake of telling you when all such activity is. Clearly bots fishing for activity to get you to pay up, they tell you when you go to sign up you get charged $0.00 but fine print says you get charged $49.99 a month. Clearly a scam but I have no plans of paying anyway because I don't need a date just want to goof off in my spare time, but google search any screen name and you'll see it pop up on at least two other sites and the profile is exactly the same.

The reason is these sites are all owned under Citysex.com and when you click on a link to go to freelifetimefuckbook.com it starts off in citysex.com and redirects to get the right URL after cycling thru a few. Its all a lie 100% and I promise you no woman is on their sites looking for a date.

If you have an iPhone download the free app Let's Date, its the first one that comes up and honestly its how I meet my gf of 6 going on 7 months.

Theres a site out there that explained the connection between all of those sex sites. If you want to find out if they used your info just search your screen name, I haven't yet for mine but never give out any real info guys.


when I did this she sent me the sexy pictures and threatened to sue me if I didn't do should i be worried p.s. I didn't do the site


how do you cancel the your account


I am currently a member of Citysex-I DID get emails, but they always put off a meeting, and used stall tactics until I got fed up and just blocked them! I am trying it one more time just to prove this is a truthful accusation- then, I shall join you in protest of all these *** ripoff websites! They need to be stopped, for our money is being wasted, or more correctly, bilked from us!